Veggie Scramble: Breakfast Is My Happy Place

Breakfast is my happy place, especially during the school year. I wave to the kids as the big, yellow bus pulls away from my corner, and I start my morning routine. After a vigorous workout and a refreshing shower, I prepare my breakfast. Oftentimes I am able to get through my workout only by envisioning my reward at the end…a peaceful, delicious meal.

Nine times out of ten, my breakfast consists of a veggie scramble with a side of berries and a coffee with almond milk. It is a great way to get more than a serving of vegetables in the first meal of the day, and it is so fast and easy to make. Plus, it has the added benefit of being delicious. You can choose to make your scramble out of whatever vegetables you happen to have on hand, but the following are my favorite combinations.



1 teaspoon ghee or grapeseed oil (Wildtree Smokey Bacon is my favorite for breakfast)

1 cup sliced and washed baby bella mushrooms or Shitake mushrooms

3 cups baby spinach –OR– 10 stalks asparagus trimmed and cut into 1-inch pieces

2-3 extra large eggs

2 tablespoons cold water or milk

½-1 teaspoon salt (adjust depending on your palette)

½ teaspoon black pepper

15-20 grape tomatoes sliced in half

¼ cup crumbled goat cheese (optional)


Start by heating the oil or ghee in your pan to medium heat. I find the ceramic, non-stick pans work best. Then, add the vegetables except for the tomatoes. Sauté them until tender, and add half of the salt. Most vegetables, especially mushrooms, will produce a bit of water as they cook. Drain this liquid from the pan before adding the eggs.Spinach and mushrooms cooked down

In a separate, small bowl, beat the eggs and water or milk until light and foamy. Pour the eggs straight into the middle of the pan. Add the remaining salt and black pepper. Then, begin to scramble the eggs. Stir slowly with a rubber or silicone spatula. As soon as curds (big soft lumps) of eggs begin to form, turn the heat down to low. Move from stirring to folding the curds over on themselves while gently shaking the pan with the other hand.

Eggs beginning to cook with veggies

When no more liquid is running around the pan, kill the heat and gently transfer the eggs to a plate. Sprinkle the crumbled goat cheese over the eggs.

Return your pan to the stovetop, and turn the heat back up to medium-high. Add the halved grape tomatoes. Sauté the tomatoes for about 1 minute or just until they are warmed through and slightly softened. Finally, put the cooked tomatoes on top of the eggs and cheese.






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