Heirloom Tomato Salad

I love tomatoes, and when the little mini heirloom tomatoes make their appearance in summer, I am in heaven! I love to make this salad in the summer months as a simple, fresh, healthy side dish for a grill out. If you want a vegan option, use an avocado or two in place of the mozzarella cheese. I’ve used this variation several times when limiting my dairy intake, and it’s just as good.

Heirloom tomato salad


1lb small (grape size) heirloom tomatoes

8oz fresh mozzarella cheese (pearl size)

1 tablespoon fresh minced garlic

1 teaspoon salt

6-8 large fresh basil leaves

¼ cup Wildtree Roasted Garlic Grapeseed Oil or extra virgin olive oil

¼ cup balsamic vinegar


Vegan option: Substitute 2 ripe avocados cubed for the mozzarella cheese.

Heirloom tomato salad

Wash and halve the tomatoes. Toss into a large bowl. Wash and julienne the basil, and put into the bowl with the tomatoes. Add the remaining ingredients, and gently toss until evenly coated with the oil and vinegar. Taste and adjust salt level as needed. Let marinate at room temperature for 30 minutes to one hour for best taste.





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