The Value of Organization

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. -Benjamin Franklin

I found value in organization from a very young age. If I was able to make a list, follow a schedule, or adhere to a routine, I could prioritize and get things done. I also discovered I could not truly relax unless my home was in order. For me, a cluttered home was the equivalent of a cluttered mind.

Prior to having a husband, a house, and four children, I was able to achieve order in my life with very little effort. It became much more difficult when my world expanded. It is certainly true that clutter seems never-ending with children. They are really walking, talking messes. Making messes, though, is often a necessary part of having fun and making memories. However, teaching your children to clean up after themselves is also an integral part in preparing them for the responsibilities of life.

I’m not perfect. I always seem to have a space in my home needing to be tackled. Thanks kids! However, I’m the master at creating prioritized lists and cleaning schedules which are easy to implement and follow. Having these tools helps to free up time to do other more enjoyable things. I want to pass these tips and tricks on to other busy moms so they may benefit.

The true gift of organization is clearing your physical and mental space so you can fully enjoy the moment. When your life is uncluttered, you are able to truly be present with yourself, your spouse, and your children.

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