A Love Letter To My Pens

“The pen is mightier than the sword.” – Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Dearest Writing Implement,

I can vividly remember the beginnings of our extensive relationship. The excitement of back-to-school shopping, knowing you would be there every time. I really had no desire to go back to school beyond the first couple days of catching up with the friends I hadn’t seen over the summer. My true enthusiasm stemmed from my love for you. The joy of choosing new colors, new types of inks and tips, and buying a blank canvas on which we could express ourselves together.

Letter and pen

We have gone through so much together over the years. From getting in trouble for passing notes in grade school to writing thank you cards for my children. And though we have both changed over time, my love for you has not. I even managed to move past the years you felt the need to be erasable. Those were not your best years to say the least.

There were many late nights spent sharing intimate secrets and desires on the pages of my diary, and although my mom found you, I do not blame you for spilling my private thoughts. You have always had my best interests at heart.

In high school, you were a sometimes black, sometimes blue, ball-point Pilot that consistently used every last drop of ink in the barrel. I was always thankful when you didn’t abandon me during those long, blue book essay exams. In college, you allowed me to explore new possibilities with gel. Surrounded by a rainbow of new colors, I discovered innovative ways of organizing my lecture notes.

When I got my first full-time job after college, the gift of ordering office supplies was bestowed upon me. My eyes were opened to your many beautiful, yet functional varieties. I uncovered my love for fine point marker pens, a love that continues to this day as I gaze at my 20 pack of Staedtler Triplus Fineliner porous point pens. These are the pens I now use to color code my daily planner.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

As I struggled to stay awake through countless night shifts at the hospital, you were always the bright spot. A perfectly aligned rainbow of Pilot G-2 gel pens always brought a smile to my face and a snarky comment from my coworkers. Both made the nights more bearable.

And now, as I have moved onto yet another new phase of my life, you remain by my side. Those same Pilot G-2 gel pens from the hospital have found a new purpose in taking notes and writing outlines for blog posts. You support me as I write lists and schedules, each day adjusting to my new life. I could not ask for a better partner as I move forward.

Pilot G-2 Gel Pens

Unfortunately, a black cloud hangs over your future. So many have turned away from you in favor of new technology. Schools have chosen not to teach the beautiful art of cursive. The written word is slowly becoming obsolete. Will my children know how to read historical documents or pore over the love letters sent between their ancestors? When so many studies have shown the value of writing, how it helps one to learn and memorize and engages parts of our brains which typing does not, how can we let it go?

I just want to assure you, that as you have stood by me through the years, I will do the same for you. I will not desert you in your hour of need. I will continue to use you every day of my life, as your presence brightens up the most mundane tasks. I will teach my children to value your existence so that your legacy may carry on.

Please do not fear, I know there are many others who feel as I do. My love for you cannot be extinguished.

Love Always,



A Collection of Original Haikus About Pens


Annoying I am certain

Still I love the sound


Red, orange, pink, purple

From my brain onto paper

A rainbow of thoughtsSharpies


Smoothly, determined

Gliding across the paper

My thoughts become real


Daily mundane tasks

Organizing, writing lists

A fun pen brings joy


Difficult choices

Ball-point, gel, felt tip, markers

I will buy them allPens


Teaching cursive dies

Technology destroying

Save the written word


My love of writing

Beginning as a young girl

A pen the reason




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  • July 19, 2016 at 5:11 AM

    Love this story! BTW – I really did find it by accident…..It was meant to be! LOL


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