Motherhood: A Community of Incredible Women

I know I am a good mom because I follow my heart and do the things that feel right for me and my family. And for today, that’s good enough. -Rachelle Szymanski 

As a mother, it is so easy to beat yourself up. I often find myself looking at other moms and feeling underqualified. I see the super crafty mom with detailed scrapbooks of all her children, and I wish I had time for it. I see the mom who makes all her own baby food from organic fruits and vegetables grown in her own garden, and I feel guilty for having fed my babies non-organic food from a jar. I know we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to other mothers and somehow feeling we’ve come up short.

Though, just as often, we may be guilty of judging another mom (think Doritos and soda in the shopping cart or a toddler throwing a tantrum at Target) in order to feel a little better about ourselves. The truth is no one has it all together. Some are just better at hiding it. In this age of social media, we are so accustomed to seeing everyone’s “perfect self.” It is too easy to feel inadequate.

Starting from the very moment you decide to have children, you are bombarded with questions and feelings of uncertainty. How will you choose to eat while you are pregnant? Will you exercise? Natural childbirth, Cesarean section, or epidural? Doctor or midwife? Breastfeeding or formula? The list is truly endless, and this is all before the baby even arrives. My goal with this blog is to offer my experiences with motherhood (from pregnancy through puberty) in the hopes that it will reach other mothers and help them to feel less alone. I also want to offer experiences from some mommy friends of mine which are very different than my own. I want you to see how we are all different in many ways but similar in our love for our children and our support for other mothers.

I believe every mother has something wonderful to contribute to the other mothers in her life. If, instead of showing only perfectly filtered pictures of ourselves, we were completely honest with each other, we could come together and collectively lift each other up. Instead of comparing and judging, we could learn and help. My sole purpose with this blog is to do just that.

I hope you find value in my experiences, and realize motherhood does not come with an instruction manual. It does, however, come with an incredible community of other women to support you.

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