Being a mother is HARD!! Having children adds so much joy to our lives, but the truth is…

It also adds STRESS! The instant you have your life and your routine figured out, this tiny little soul throws it all into a tizzy. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place you could go to help you navigate this new world? Wouldn’t you love to know you are not alone in your struggles?

Welcome to My Wild Journey!!

This blog is my way of connecting with other mothers in an uplifting way. I hope to share the things I have learned through my years of raising four children and running a household alongside my husband. I will also share my struggles, as motherhood is a continuous learning experience. No one has it all figured out.

My goal is to help other busy moms on their journey to a healthy, stress-free life. I will do this by sharing organizational tips and helping to develop schedules and routines that work for your family. I will also help you to establish healthy habits and meal plans that make your life easier. I believe when your life is running smoothly, you are able to truly enjoy the beauty of motherhood. You can really appreciate the little moments that make all of the work worth it.

Please join me on this Wild Journey of motherhood!